For more than 13 years, the TopHotel Tourism & Leisure Investment Conference has been more than an event, but a learning platform that brings together local and international experts from the hotel, tourism & hospitality industry, choosing the most relevant content and the best conditions for our audience.

We closely monitor the evolution of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) in the country and abroad and align ourselves with all changes in the hospitality field. The safety of the attendees in our events is very important for us.

Being an event with and about people, we made the decision to reschedule the TopHotel Conference for September 30th. The TopHotel conference will address topics more appropriate for the market situation and together with experts in the field we will identify new strategies and solutions for current challenges.

We decided to postpone the TopHotel Awards Gala for next year. We will prepare a cumulative gala, providing a current and clear perspective on the performance achieved in this industry during both 2019 and 2020.

We will actively monitor the evolution of Covid-19 and will keep you updated, whenever necessary, with the news about the event. We invite you to follow us on and on the Facebook page.